March 25, 2003 - Excavation!

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Excavation Day and the crew showed up between 7:30 and 8:00 am. First thing first, the final paperwork has to be signed

and the first payment is paid! Next the crew lays out the pool on the ground using little red flags as we discuss the elevation of the ground. The crew

lays out the pool and we thought it was too close to the patio. We all decided to move it 4 feet back and 4 feet up. It's all layed out and we give

our approval so the digging can begin. The excavation was done by Glenn Farina Inc. Excavating out of Libson Md. The father and his 2 sons

were very professional   and polite through out the day. They answered our questions and did their work like they have done this hundreds of

times before. And they have, they have dug lots of pools


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poola.jpg    poolz.jpg    poolb.jpg    poolc.jpg    poold.jpg 

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Step 1: Deciding on what type of pool you want.
Step 2 : Choosing the pool company
Step 3: All the Miscellaneous stuff before the pool is built!

Phase 2- Steel
Phase 3- Plumbing
Phase 4- Concrete
Phase 5- Tile and Coping

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