Phase 3- Plumbing

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Today it was Plumbing Day. These guys were great. We had questions on the placement of our pool

equipment so I stayed home until they showed up that day. I showed them where the equipment was suppose to go and they

told me that it would have to move out a little because of the trees and the heater. Not to mention that the ground next to the trees is very soft

and this wouldn't be a good place. I agreed to move it out a little but I called my wife to come home so she could see exactly where it was going to be.

These pictures were taken after 2 days of rain, sleet and snow. Everything is a mess with mud. But this is expected.

poolp6.jpg    poolp7.jpg    poolp8.jpg   

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Step 1: Deciding on what type of pool you want.
Step 2 : Choosing the pool company
Step 3: All the Miscellaneous stuff before the pool is built!

Phase 1- Excavation!
Phase 2- Steel
Phase 4- Concrete
Phase 5- Tile and Coping

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