Phase 4- Concrete

poolc1.jpg poolc2.jpg poolc3.jpg poolc4.jpg poolc5.jpg poolc6.jpg
Concrete truck in the driveway unloading the concrete Close up view of the concrete going into shotcrete machine The guys discussing the setup. Starting the shotcrete. Another picture of the process in the deep end. Filling up the hole in the deep end.

The guys from Mid Atlantic Shotcrete showed up bright and early. They set up all of their equipment while waiting for the concrete truck to show up. In the shallow end "peg board" is placed where there is a gap to allow the concrete to be shot on. We had had a small "cave in" in the deep end so you see where they filled it with concrete. After they finished it started to look like a swimming pool!

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poolc7.jpg poolc9.jpg poolcb.jpg poolcd.jpg poolce.jpg poolcf.jpg
Spraying on the concrete in the deep end Picture of the "peg board" in the shallow end. Starting the steps. Forming the beam. Larger view of the beam in the shallow end. Forming the swim out.


Step 1: Deciding on what type of pool you want.
Step 2 : Choosing the pool company
Step 3: All the Miscellaneous stuff before the pool is built!

Phase 1- Excavation!
Phase 2- Steel
Phase 3- Plumbing
Phase 5- Tile and Coping

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