poolc2.jpg A thin board was nailed around the entire pool to support the coping while it is installed.
Phase 5 - Tile and Coping
Grouting the tile. poolct9.jpg
poolc2.jpg This guy was setup to cut the tile. He got to work immediately and started cutting the tile for the corners. Step 1: Deciding on what type of pool you want.
Step 2 : Choosing the pool company
Step 3: All the Miscellaneous stuff before the pool is built!
The deep end coping. poolct4.jpg
poolct3.jpg Laying coping. Phase 1- Excavation!
Phase 2- Steel
Phase 3- Plumbing
Phase 4- Concrete
Placing the small tiles on the steps. poolctb.jpg
poolct5.jpg Laying the shallow end coping. Send us an e-mail Chilling! poolct8.jpg  
poolct6.jpg Setting up to install the tile. Notice the brackets supporting the boards.   Starting the tile in on the swim out. poolct7.jpg
    The Guys from A&A Tile and Coping showed up bright and early at 6:55am. The first thing they do is show me the tile and coping to make sure it was correct.  


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