Step 1. Decisions.

When I first started looking into putting in a pool, I started my research on the Internet.
I really liked the composite pools, like the ones by Viking Pools. Several friends in the neighborhood have put in vinyl liner pools in the last year and they love them.

So I sent e-mail to Maryland Pools, Anthony & Sylvan, Viking Pools, Hohne Pools, Regina Pools and several other lesser-known pool companies. Viking Pools have a sales office in the area, so I stopped by for some literature and to ask some questions. All companies sent me literature within a few weeks.

The first pool company who I originally wanted to go with, had the sales guy call me and left me a message. I repeatedly called back and left a message on the sales guy voice mail but never received a returned call. I finally called and spoke with the receptionist and she said that he was in but was on the phone. I asked her to tell him to give me a call. Several days later he calls and apologizes but he was on vacation the past week. Wrong answer. I have been trying to reach this guy for 3 months! Needless to say this eliminated them. Next!

Next pool company specialized in spas, but still do vinyl liner pools. I was looking at vinyl liner pools at this point. The sales guy was pleasant at first when explaining what they had to offer. When I told him that I was going to build the retaining wall myself he treated me as though I have 10 thumbs and I could never possibly build a retaining wall. He assured me that they were the experts in pool building and that the homeowner should not be doing something that the experts should be doing. I became infuriated. Who is this pompous sales guy think he is talking too. He has no idea what my background is and what I can do. I told him this and he apologized. But several weeks later he did a follow up call and did the same thing. Next!

One of the large pool companies sent literature along with the sales guy card but never followed up with a phone call. I was disappointed in this. I really wanted to talk to them. I should send him a picture of the finished pool. Next!

Next we heard from another pool company in the area.. The sales guy was very polite on the phone. He unfortunately missed his first appointment with us but this did not sway our decision process. He apologized and when he came for his second appointment, he brought Krispy Kreme donuts. We liked what they had to offer. They can offer both vinyl or concrete and the sales guy did not at anytime try to sway us either way, and we appreciated this. They offered everything that another pool company we were looking at did and the cost was about the same. However, when we asked around about others who have used this pool company we found one in our neighborhood that had problems. These problems I thought were petty problems and should have been taken care of regardless.

The lesser-known companies didn't play too much into the equation. It's now 4 to 5 months in the process and I had gone from wanting a composite pool, to a vinyl pool and now to concrete. If someone had told me that I would choose a concrete pool at the beginning of my research I would have said balderdash.


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Step 2 : Choosing the pool company
Step 3: All the Miscellaneous stuff before the pool is built!

Phase 1- Excavation!

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