Step 2 : Choosing the pool company


We were a little surprised when we looked around at how many people have Anthony & Sylvan pools. Everyone that we talked to loved their pool and had very little problems with the installation and service that Anthony & Sylvan provided.

Several things we knew we wanted in our pool. We wanted a diving board, a DE filter, and a heater. And now we wanted a concrete pool. Everything else was negotiable.

When the salesman, Chuck Fuller, first came out to meet us we hit it off pretty good. He seems honest and sincere. As soon as he walked into our back yard he said that a "San Carlos" would fit perfectly in this yard. He showed us the layout of the San Carlos, and I have to admit at first I never thought of a pool shaped like this but the more I looked at it; I liked it. Select this link to see what the San Carlos looks like. I like the San Carlos because of the larger shallow end. Most people congregate in the shallow end of a pool.

Chuck gave me his e-mail address add I sent him questions all the time. He answered every question that I sent him and I called him when I didn't understand his answer or needed more information. He was always available.

So we knew we were going to go with A&S pools but now I wanted to see if I could be talked out of it and also learn more about pool construction. I found 2 excellent web sites that taught me a lot about the construction of pools the first one is a great site that goes into lots of detail, the next one is at which has some excellent pictures that give a good feel of what the construction phases are like. I also searched the Internet looking for negative things said about A&S pools. I did find some but most of it was dated information and was 4 to 5 years old.

Next we had to decide on what type of heater, natural gas or heat pump. I spent a lot of time on this one. I was leaning heavily towards a heat pump until I had lunch with a friend and we talked about the pros and cons on gas and electricity. Then Chuck called us and told us that there was a special on whereby, A&S was throwing in a gas heater for free and that kind of sealed the deal.

We invited the salesman back out to go over more questions and signed a contract on October 20, 2002. We had to pick out the style coping, we choose Plantation-Safety, which is a red brick color, and it has a lip on it so you can easily grip it from inside the pool. Next we had to choose the pool tile that goes around the edge and we choose FLC-30E Navy. The pool will be finished in a white plaster. We will have a 60 SQ FT DE filter. The total cost was a little under 35K.


Step 1: Deciding on what type of pool you want.
Step 3: All the Miscellaneous stuff before the pool is built!

Phase 1- Excavation!

Phase 2- Steel

Phase 3- Plumbing


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